Easter Sweets!

Austrian Cuisine - meaty cuisine

Traditional Austrian cuisine is very meaty. These two dishes are prime examples. The lower one was even called “Schlachtteller” - “slaughter dish”! So if you’re not vegetarian you can enjoy lots of different kinds of meat and sausages, along with delicious sauces in Austria :) (but not every day if you don’t wanna get fat!)

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My - slightly failed - Austrian flag fudge

The Olympic Winter Games in Sochi are taking place right now. And as an alpine nation Austria is usually doing very well in winter sports. So naturally I’ve been following the games - especially alpine skiing and ski jump tournaments - with great interest! And of course I am cheering for the Austrian team!!

So I decided to make a fudge in the colors of our national flag - Red White and Red! What a great idea… so i thought. Well, i didn’t know that the food coloring from the store was waaaaay too weak - so it turned PINK!! And now it doesn’t look like an Austrian flag at all! So my plan for showing my support for the Austrian team through sweet stuff did not really work out. But what did work out was the taste - my fudge was super delicious! I gave it to some friends and they loved it too! So at least now I have something good to eat when I watch the Olympics!

Faschierter Braten mit Erdäpfelpüree, Erbsen und Blaukraut

Meatloaf with mashed potatoes, peas and purple cabbage

My favorite dish! Especially since my mom always prepares it with so much love. She doesn’t use any processed food, but makes everything herself., including mincing the meat for the meatloaf. It’s so delicious and healthy! And so Austrian! Maybe that’s why it’s my favorite dish ;)

Hausgemachte Blunzn mit Sauerkraut und Erdäpfel

Homemade Blood Sausage with sauerkraut and potatoes

… made by my mom! ^_^

St. Nicholas’ Day - Nikolaustag

On December 6 we celebrate St. Nicholas’ Day in Austria. Saint Nicholas brings peanuts, fruits and other sweets and makes children’s eyes glow all over the country on this day - but be careful! He only has gifts for the nice kids - his companion, the Krampus will take care of the naughty ones. He doesn’t bring any presents - instead he brings a chain to slap the misbehaved brats! So make sure you’re nice so you will get a delicous treat like this.

Von drauß vom Walde komm’ ich her;
Ich muß euch sagen, es weihnachtet sehr!
Nun sprecht, wie ich’s hierinnen find’!
Sind’s gute Kind, sind’s böse Kind?

Es weihnachtet sehr! Christmas time is here - and with it come lots of specialities that can only be found during this time of year. One of them is mulled wine, which I like to enjoy on Vienna’s beautiful christmas markets. I can’t wait to start baking Austrian Weihnachtskekse and eat Krampus und Nikolo chocolate!

Gebackene Blunznradl mit Krautsalat

Baked Austrian Black Pudding (Blutwurst) with coleslaw

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Salat mit Kapuzinerkresse

Nasturtium Salad


During the summer we often make our lunches on the grill (well, my brother does actually) and then me and my family eat outside on our terrace.

Most of the veggies on the grill are actually from my mom’s own garden!

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